Lydia was engaged and fun and did a great job explaining a lot of city history, and art history, on our tour of Barcelona’s old town and Picasso museum. Skipped the lines, too! Well worth it! Thanks, Lydia!

Stephen Teller

United States, Seattle, Oct 31, 2017

What an incredible day! Lidia is a genuine and charismatic guide throughout the city covered extensive topics and featured many incredible sites around Barcelona. She carefully covered many topics, answered our endless question – all the while accommodating and engaging the diverse needs of our group of 6. She is passionate and charming, and a fully trained tourism professional. Every small detail was covered perfectly. My only suggestion is to listen to her advice, she won’t steer you wrong!

Kelly Gregoire

USA, Aug 5, 2017

Lidia made it possible to get a very good understanding of this beautiful city in a very short period of time. As we walked we learned of the history of Barcelona going back to Roman times and seeing the changes that took place over many century we were also able to get a feel for the people who lived there from the beginning right up to the present. The ridding part of the tour allowed us to see many of the fantastic points of interest in air condition comfort. All and all Lidia was terrific!

Allan Hutensky

United States, Jul 11, 2017

Lidia was very informative. We enjoyed the tour and learned a lot about Gaudi. Her explanations made everything more clear. She was very helpful and we would be most happy to have her on any other tour. Thank you. Lidia, thank you for such an informative tour. We loved learning about Gaudi and your explanations were very helpful. One of the best tours we have had. Thanks again.

Michael Thompson

United States, May 10, 2017

Lidia was a great guide. We really enjoyed our tour of Barcelona. The history explanation was particularly good during the morning walk in the old part of town. The highlights of the tour were the Park Guell and the Sagrada Familia. Lidia made everything exciting and relevant. Plus the minivan was a luxurious Mercedes Benz.

Ken Fong

United States, Apr 24/17

Lidia is a Barcelona treasure herself. What a wonderful tour. We saw everything Gaudi and Segrada Familia and left with a profound understanding of the history of both. I have already recommended Lidia to three people while still on vacation. Hire her now. She is amazing !!

Dana Finkelstein

United States, Apr 11/17

Lidia was great! Knowledgeable, personable and animated. Good with our teenagers. Would recommend highly!

John Berry

United States, Jul 22, 2017

As soon as Lidia arrived at the hotel in Barcelona, I knew we were in for a wonderful day. Her personality was delightful and even the drive to Girona was fun. The Dali Museum was made even more special because of the depth of her knowledge and her joy in sharing it. She is an excellent guide and we loved our day with her. We have decided that we should never go to another museum without a guide. We learned so much from Lidia that, looking back, we felt that we were in the presence of not only an excellent teacher, but a person who really cared that we understood what Dali was all about – if that is possible! What a special day. Lunch was fun as well – thanks to Lidia for sharing her special cafe.

Susan Finney,

USA, Apr 20, 2017

Lidia was very insightful sharing her knowledge of the city’s history. She was especially helpful in obtaining tickets for the Sagrada Familia. Each person in our group enjoyed the tour.

Robert Brinkman

United States, Apr 17/17

Lidia is an extremely well versed student of Gaudi. She knows her stuff. She was prompt, prepared and enthusiastic about presenting some of the most famous as well as the most famous, La Sagrada Familia, in Spain. She is a native of the city of Barcelona and will give you a good background into the history of the city as well. Very professional and enjoyable.

Jean Pilutti

Canada , March 17/17

My family and I had a great time. Lidia was very knowledgeable, explained the history of the Barri Gotic and Barcelona. To top it off, she provided an incredible understanding of Picasso and his development as an artist. Lidia really made our vacation and convinced us that we will need to visit Barcelona again to soak in all this City has to offer.

Michael Ashton

United States, Dec 20/16

Lidia was friendly, extremely knowledgeable, knew tons of great history and well prepared. She is worth ever cent. My teen daughter, a history buff really liked her.
Todd Hoppmeyer

United States, Nov 21/16

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Barcelona with Lidia. We learned an incredible amount and saw so much of the city. Our professional driver was great too. My family loved this tour and can’t wait to return. Thanks for everything, Lidia. You do great work and we learned so much.

Walter Chiles

United States, Aug 6, 2017

Lidia was extremely knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend her and we will call on her again.

Clair Carlson

United States, Jul 20, 2017

This tour is the only way to see all the highlights Barcelona has to offer in a limited about of time. Lidia was fantastic. Easy to work with, and adapt to our wishes. She was also able to accommodate not only my husbands and I love for walking around, but made it feasible for my 70 year old mother in law to manage the sites as well. Highly recommend Lidia to anyone wanting to see the highlights of Barcelona.

Valerie Moser

USA, Apr 30, 2017

To visit everything Gaudi was always on my bucket list and when we planed our trip to Barcelona a top priority. Lidia our lovely tour guide provied us with all the information and history and the 4 hours passed far too fast. She made the tour interesting and also related well to our teenage daughter. The highlight was the Sagrada Familia where we got in without standing in any que. Highly recomend Lidia, her english is perfect and she is great company.

Gabriela Hall

New Zealand, Dec 29/16

Another wonderful tour with Lidia! I have already recommended Lidia for all tours Barcelona and the surrounding cities. She is a wealth of knowledge and fun to be with as well. Thank you for everything!

Dana Finkelstein

United States, Apr 12/17

We were so pleased to have Lidia as our guide! She was wonderful, the day and tour was perfect and we learned so much from her vast knowledge of the beautiful sites we toured and the history of the incredible city of Barcelona! We highly , highly recommend her. Everything was perfectly planned and we couldn’t be happier with out fantastic day with her! Lidia, thank you so much for our wonderful day with you! Everything was so perfect and we couldn’t be happier. We learned so much and saw so much!! Thank you so much❤

Cheryl Greenwood

United States, Feb 4/17


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